"Robin's writing is innately musical."   - Maria Irene Fornes

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Original plays for productions and perusal from award-winning, published, New York playwright.  robinricenyc@gmail.com


"Lichtig's language shimmers with humanity."   
         - Hamilton Clancy, Artistic Director, The Drilling Company (NYC)

"Robin is a talented and imaginative writer with a unique voice that combines often quirky characters with penetrating psychological insight. Her plays are highly theatrical, often containing a delightful magical element that transports the audience."   - Sherry Teitelbaum, director (NYC)      

"Ms. Lichtig nails the 'ah-ha' moment that audiences love. The balancing act she's perfected between outrageous humor and tender sentiment is an art form meant to be seen on stage again and again."  - Maureen Brady Johnson, educator, playwright (Ohio)
"Robin is absolutely terrific to work with. She's smart, motivated, passionate, and we were gratified by how thoughtful she was to every individual involved in the collaborative process."  
  - Jennie Webb, Dev. Director, Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum (CA)                           
For synopses of these full-length plays as well as one-acts and monologues, click
Frontier   Lola and the Planet of Glorious Diversity   The Power of Birds
Play Nice!       Suki Livingston Opens Like a Parachute   Music of the Spheres
Humans Remain  Embracing the Undertoad       Women w/o Walls
Searching for a New Sun Necessary Geography                                             Feathers Fly
Alice in Black and White           Morsels Three                                                           Lust & Lies
The Breast Monologues           Gently Down the Stream                                       
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"NECESSARY GEOGRAPHY deals with timely issues in a compelling and dramatically satisfying way. The actors who were involved with the reading were intrigued by the vibrant characters as well as by the historical  information revealed in the play."   - Catherine Rowe Pherson, producer, Villagers Theatre (NJ)

" Robin's plays are imaginative and exciting -- statues come to life, tugboats fall in love, grandmothers slowly change into birds, an ancient civilization emerges from the forests of New Jersey -- and written to be both seen and heard. Movement and environment are crucial elements in her work. The complexity of the relationships in her plays, the richness of her metaphors, and her facility with language make for challenging and rewarding theater."   - Michele Travis, director (NYC)

"...I was quite taken by (Robin's) ear for dialogue and the breadth and control of her narrative."
                                                                                  - Adrien-Alice Hansel, literary manager, Actors Theatre of Louisville

"There is never a dull moment in WOMEN w/o WALLS. It is an unusual look at four people trapped together against their will. The characters are richly layered and textured. A play with four excellent roles for women isn't easy to find! The play is also a good creative challenge for an imaginative director, designer and technical crew."                                                                                                                                                        - Jennifer Winegardner, producer
"Using Frederic Remington himself as a foil in BRONCO BUSTER is a comic stroke of genius."                                                                                                                                                                       - John FitzGibbon, director (NYC)

"Beautiful. Poetry. Robin has a way of building suspense within the plot while allowing the characters to just be themselves. She creates the exact kind of work that I look for both as an artist and as an audience member."                       - Bryan Kenneth, director and actor (NYC)
Emma Galvin and Jay Potter in THE POWER OF BIRDS from 3Graces, NYC.
Nicole Greevy in ONE TWO GREEN BLUE (LISTEN! THE RIVER)  at ManhattanTheatreSource.
Ernest Briggs and Geoffrey Flores in THE GREAT ALL-DOMINICAN CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF GAME at Teatro del Pueblo, Minneapolis.
                            Robin with the Elements -  Artwork by Ruby Rice. www.vhasanctuary.com
And my very favorite quote from playwright Babs Lindsay:

"You da bomb!"

"Robin's work limns those delicate and dangerous places between love and hate, freedom and obligation, reality and surreality, comfort and fear."
-Stuart Spencer, playwright (author "The Playwright's Guidebook")

"The truth and vivid wonder in all life's moments were thrilling to bring to life."
- E.E. Moe, actor, THE POWER OF BIRDS, Phoenix Theatre (AZ)

"An incredible balance of humor and depth."
- Elisa Whiteman, actor in PURITY AND THE PRINCE (OH)

"Funny, heartfelt, pointed, FEATHERS FLY is an insightful comment on American environmentalism, the press, the power of celebrities. What makes it most poignant is that it is based on actual events. I loved directing (a reading of) this gem!"
- Daedra Kaehler, director (NYC)
"We need more of playwrights like you who are willing to take chances and put out other stuff that isn't the norm per se -- but real art that is accessible to everyone."
                                                                                         Joyia Bradley, New York City director