"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."
                                                                                                              - Maya Angelou
O RUMBLES OF JOY! (40 min.) 5-7 roles depending on doubling (2M; 3-5M/F). Also opt. percussionist.  Drama with comedy. Middle-aged sculptor discovers his creativity within a block of Tennessee  marble.  Historical fact/fantasy. One character is the Spirit in the stone. Others (incl. Public Opinion and Washington) are thoughts that intrude on Mr. Potter's attempt to focus on the work he wants to design.  Excerpt on indietheatrenow.com    

QUEEN FOR A DAY. (45 min.) 2M; 1F. Drama. Twelve-year-old boys deal with a mother who is more childish than either of them and find an unlikely friendship in the bargain. Multiple award-winner. Young women play the roles of the boys well.    

ROSES TO PLAN. (20 min.) Realistic comedy/drama. 1 M; 1 F. She's a kleptomaniac but he has to leave her alone. Love brings strength to an elderly Jewish couple.  No where near as grim as it sounds! Multiple award winner. en

SITTING DUCK SEASON.  (~40 min.) Drama. 1 M; 1 F. A compulsively precise, successful business-woman is an inside trader hiding from the law in an isolated cabin in Vermont.  Her conscience in the form of an unpleasant young man  shows up. Who's the sitting duck? Very current.  Heavy-hitting.     iortheatre.co

LISTEN! THE RIVER. Comedy-drama. (60 min.) Solo show. Actor (male or female) plays six characters.  Plug in your imagination. A funny, moving, deeply-felt story of change, loss and love. Human foibles and destinies are revealed through the eyes of a Maine Coon Cat as a family suffers the loss of a daughter and sister. The story weaves gently through the specifics of everyday life, touching on the universal in all of us.  First production in Grahamstown Festival, South Africa. World premiere at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012 - previews Off-Broadway, NYC, production London.  see: www.listentheriver.com

EVENING PRIMROSE IN OHIO. (30 min.) Comedy/drama. 1M; 1F. Two very-different college-age people come together in a laundromat.  Everything doesn't come out clean. Multiple award-winning. Quirky comedy.  w

THE GREAT ALL-DOMINICAN CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF GAME. (20+ min.) 3M. Based on true events. In 1937, Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo pays Negro League pitcher Satchel Paige to play for him. The stakes are literally life and death.

THE LENGTH OF A DREAM. (45+ min.) 3F; 2M (plus one non-speaking male; room for additional non-speaking females if desired). In ancient Greece, women are fed up with getting no credit for their contributions to society. An unnamed woman steps forward to reveal that she created famous sculptures, but an Olympian god, messing around on earth in typical Olympian god fashion, puts an end to her plans. 

THE FORTIFICATION OF MISS GRACE WREN. (30 min.) 1M; 1F. Drama with laughs and a lot of heart. NYC elementary teacher is traumatized by 9/11. She wants to retreat into the past. A statue of Peter Stuyvesant offers love, helps her find strength. Humor. Magic. Sweetness. Love. Multiple award-winner. Samuel French finalist.  Available on Amazon Kindle and from JAC Publications and Productions. Excerpt on indietheatrenow.com



WOMEN w/o WALLS. (80-90 min.) 4F. Drama with laughs and a fierce underbelly. Absurdist plot weaves around death, love and a breakthrough. A ride on an express sub way turns out to be a frightening and eye-opening trip for a tightly-laced music student, a music-obsessed punk, and a one-legged lesbian beggar. Metaphorical boatman for the journey is a nurse who is older than time.  Lots of room for directorial/production input. Surreal, elemental set. Chosen by Resonance Ensemble (NYC) for presentation for the League of Professional Theatre Women in 2012. World premiere available.

SUKI LIVINGSTON OPENS LIKE A PARACHUTE. (~90 min.) 3F; 2M (1F and 1M cover many doubled characters). A 50-year-old woman artist is going blind. She travels with her youngerself through memories from the repressed '50s and activist '60s (including awakening sexuality, the Civil Rights movement, the Peace Corps, and a first marriage ruptured by mental illness) in order to recapture visual landscapes and her diminishing self-confidence. A journey full of tears and laughter.  World premiere available.

THE POWER OF BIRDS. (~90 min.) 3F; 2M. Nature-loving Dad leaves his family and Mom moves 12-year-old twins and Grannie to another state. Young Zoe feels her heart will stop beating if she can't bring Dad home. How she tries to accomplish this involves kidnapping Grannie, hiding her in a tree. Grannie changes alarmingly; Mom changes for the better; Zoe and Charlie grow into adulthood. (Twins may be played by actors teens-early 20s.  As a one-act, winner in 2005 Kernodle Internat'l Competition. As a full-length, residencies at Will Geer Topanicum Botanicum (CA) and Phoenix Theatre (AZ). NYC premiere with 3Graces Theatre Company, directed by Elizabeth Bunnell.

GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM (1hr. 50min.) 2M; 3F.  An adaptation of one-act LISTEN! THE RIVER. A tough-talking cat, two sisters, a lovesick-doorman and his conflicted fiancee grapple with love, loss and new beginnings in the deceptively deep waters of this play. Readings at Town Players of Pittsfield and League of Professional Theatre Women, Articulate Theatre, DreamCatcher Entertainment in NYC. Premiere available.

LUST & LIES. (1 hr. 30 min.) 2M; 1F. Based on a true story (inspired by "The Murder of Dr. Chapman" by Linda Wolfe.)  In 1831 Pennsylvania, a man is murdered.  Who did it? His wife, a leader in education for women? Her lover, an Hispanic immigrant? The real answer will never be known, but the story has many echoes in today's world. NYC reading from the League of Professional Theatre Women. Premiere available.

CRITTERS. A collection of 10 monologues. Each monologue is either delivered by an animal or about an animal. Together, they constitute a full evening.

RIP OF SKIN (~10 minutes, M/F) - A crow is revealed to be Death.  Written for DreamCatcher's Halloween Terror Tales. 

STAND STRONG, MISS WREN. (~10 min. 1F) Compiled from THE FORTIFICATION OF MISS GRACE WREN (see that script). "It is one of the most touching pieces relating to 9/11 that I have ever seen, told with the simplicity and earnestness of a grade school history lesson."   - Julie Sharbutt for Off Off Broadway Online.)

FOOBS and FIPPLES: The Breast Monologues is a full-length play consisting of monologues, short and long (all for women). See above under full-length plays.

#NO SUCH THING. (~8 min.) 1F. A young woman with a guilty conscience imagines she is being punished by horrible flesh-eating bacteria. Written for DreamCatcher Entertainment for a Halloween event.

Both short and long monologues are available in a collection; MARCHING ON HIGH -- AUDITION AND PERFORMANCE MONOLOGUE COLLECTION. This collection contains 50  monologues, ranging from short audition pieces to performance pieces that run over two pages long.  There are monologues for men and women, girls and boys. Many may be used by either sex and a range of ages.

More short monologues are included in published collections. See Prices and Ordering page. There are also many more that haven't been listed here. Contact playwright.

DAVID'S DISAPPEARANCE. (15 min.) 2M. Drama. Old-timer mailman rescues a young man bent on a bizarre means of  self-destruction. Funny, sad, strange and hopeful. Multiple award-winner.

SQUEEZING PAPAYAS. (10-15 min.) Comedy. 1M; 1F. Based on real people and events. Ex-President of Mexico, Jose Lopez  Portillo, and his wife, Sasha Montenegro, former porn star, struggle over possession of his  mansion and discover the love which has been buried beneath french fries, sex, and greed. At Senior Theatre Conference in Columbus, OH, noted for best use of a metaphorical fake breast. Don't ask. 

SEDUCING RAMONA. (10-15 min.) Comedy. 1M; 1F. Prehistoric married couple brought to the brink of divorce when a request for the playscript the wife has scratched on the wall of their cave arrives. Couple may be any age from teens on up. "Moving and very, very funny." - audience member - Paw Paw, MI. production.)

BRONCO BUSTER. (10-12 min.) 2M; 1F. Comedy. 1885 - The Arizona Territory. Sculptor Frederic Remington sends hung-over cowboy Gabby  to find a horse for a model. Gabby offers his own old horse, Betty. Remington is aghast.  Gabby doesn't live up to his prettified vision of the Old West and neither does Betty. ("I fell out of my chair laughing." "Smart, funny, fantastic language, distinct characters - all with dramatic arcs, historic and yet contemporary - not to mention I learned a bit of art history."- audience members at NJ Rep. )

EDNA MAE AND SALLY SERIOUSLY CONTEMPLATE SAN DIEGO. (10 min.) 2F. Two middle-aged midwest-ern ladies have ventured from their sheltered lives for a trip to California. Their eyes have been opened to the world, and they don't want to go home. But ...  (Developed into a full-length play EVERYDAY EDNA MAE.)

SAVE THE TURKEY! (10 min.) 2F; 2M. Comedy with not-so-subtle anti-war subtext. The day before Thanksgiving, Tom Turkey wants to let Mr. Farmer "draft" him into service. Tom's mother tries to dissuade him. Martha Stewart shows up to cook the Farmer's holiday feast. Tom realizes it's Farmer wants to serve him. A hit at NJ Rep's Theatre Brut.

PURITY AND THE PRINCE. (10-15 min.) 1F; 2M. Comedy/fable. Purity, who bears a strong resemblance to Snow White, is a virgin (maybe) who has been saving herself for a tall, handsome prince. When he finally arrives, not all that handsome, she is has doubts. After that first kiss, there will be no turning back. He isn't big on commitment. If this isn't really true love, they could be stuck with each other.  ("The play sparkles!" - Jewel Seehaus-Fisher, Artistic Director, Teachers Theatre of NJ.)

HAPPIWY EVER AFTER. (15-20  min.) 2M. Wacky,  gay version of PURITY AND THE PRINCE.  Hysterically funny in Playhouse Creatures production (NYC).

OCCUPY. (10 min.) 3M; 1F. Inspired by A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. A look at New York's Zuccotti Park the night the original Occupy Wall Street encampment was raided by the police. Written for Resonance Ensemble's gala 2012 anniversary (others on the bill included Charles Mee and Arthur Giron).

IN THE BEGINNING... (10 min.) 1F; 1M. Comedy. Finally, the answer to who created the world. A showdown between an artist who creates and a research scientist who observes. Creationism vs evolution. A whirlwind trip that takes Earth from a dry, dead place to Adam and Eve. NY production: Articulate Theatre Company, Eric Siegel director.

BLOOD SISTERS. (15 min.) 3F. Dramatic. Based on headlines. Three Dominican nuns are convicted of vandalizing a nuclear missile silo in Colorado. They beg for a merciful sentence. A winner of the 2008 Goshen Peace Play Prize. Much produced. "A beautiful play. I truly appreciate the detail in all three women." - Angelique M. Bouffiou, actor. "Powerful, lyrical..." - Carol Lashof (audience member at Women's Will production in San Francisco) 

THREE DUDES WITH A PLAN. (10 min.) 3M. Comedy. In a seedy bar, a man with a yen for co-eds, Osama bin Laden, and the pyroman-iac bartender agree that women are ruining their lives. They hatch a plan to show women who is boss! Guaranteed to offend just about everyone.

THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW. (10 min.) 2F; 1M/F. Absurdist. Lots of laughs but philosophical subtext. Two nuns are banished to an icy nowhere place, travelling on a single ski (with a personality of its own). They want to be redeemed, but a suspicious penguin appears and all hell breaks loose.

ESCAPE IN A WHITE TOYOTA. (10 min.) 2F; 1M. Essentially a one-woman monologue (the other woman has only one line). As an elderly woman painstakingly makes her way across a parking lot, escaping from a hospital, her thoughts are voiced by a younger version of herself. Visions of her husband increasingly young block her progress. She is increasingly angry, finally realizing she'll never escape unless she deals with him. Absurdist but frighteningly real.

DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN. (10 MIN.) 1F; 1M. The Oracle of the Yankees tries to find the answer to Yogi Berra's slump. Lots of fun.

BRIDAL WREATH. (10 min.) 1F Caucasian;  1M African-American. A young couple is due to get married in an hour, but her fears intervene.

SNUG HARBOR. (10 min.) 2F. A teenager, newly  jobless and on the spectrum, is at risk of homelessness. A young girl from an earlier time meets her on the Staten Island ferry. Past and present collide.

GLOOM, DOOM, AND SOUL-CRUSHING MISERY. (8-10 min.) 1M; 1F; 1M/F. A depressed Russian couple yearns to be even more depressed, but a cheery travel agent offers to make their dreams come true.

BUDFUD129ZK. (10 min.) 2F; 2M. A scientist must assure that a female panda is impregnated.  An old boy friend tries to stop her, but she must choose between love of country and love for an old flame.

SYLVIA AND JACKIE. (10 min.) 3F; 1M. Two sisters deal with life, death and priorities. "First" can mean many things.

TAKE A BITE OUT OF LIFE! (~7 min.) 3F. In 1912, sisters on a famous cruise ship and a young Scottish crew member. One sister enjoys every moment of life, the other deprives herself -- unaware that "tomorrow" isn't going to come.

LAKEESHA CROSSES THE BORDER. (~10 min.) 2M/F. An elephant is stolen from Africa and finds him/herself in Mongolia. A camel is extremely unhappy about the illegal immigrant and refuses to offer water even as death faces the elephant.

THE OTHER SHOE. (8-10 min.) 1M; 2F. Macabre, funny and somehow also poetic look at getting rid of a body and the unpleasant memories that surround it.

BURYING ELEPHANTS. (15 min.) 2F. Two women have been having an affair unbeknownst to one woman's husband. She is pregnant -- the very big elephant in the room. What will get buried?

TOMORROW'S SOUP. (10 min.) 4F. Serious spoof on a reality cooking show. Three witches brew up soups that will forecast the future for the world. Inspired by the painting Starry Starry Night.

WOODY AND THE LION KING. (10 min.) 2M. Woody Allen is running to escape Mia Farrow's wrath. He wants to escape across the border into Mexico, but his way is blocked by a lion fleeing into the U.S. The lion wants to go on Broadway in The Lion King. Eventually, the two strike a deal but not before Mia almost discovers Woody. Inspired by the painting The Gypsy.

NOT STILL LIFE. (10 min.) 2F. Painter Vanessa Bell and her sister novelist Virginia Woolf try to work in the same room, but their ideas are so big the space can't contain both of  them. Inspired by the painting Still Life by Vanessa Bell.

TUGBOAT LOVE .  (15-20 min.) Comedy. 1F; 2M.  No depth of plot or subtle subtext in this one. Written to be performed in a swimming pool (works on dry land too). Li'l Toot, is in love with the Statue of Liberty, but is so tongue-tied he can barely "toot." His lady love - fed up with immigration quotas , wants to return to France. Gull wants to go too to experience French cuisine. Will Toot get up his nerve to speak? Will he tow the Lady to France? Will Gull ever get a healthy meal? Will the Lady and Toot find true love?  ("A scream!" - audience member, Texas.)

MENAGERIE. A collection of nine short plays about animals.  Each play has at least one animal character.  May be performed as a complete evening. There are a few extra plays so you can pick and choose if you don't want to perform all of the plays in the collection.

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ALLIE'S APPENDIX  (~45 min.) 4F; 1M. Lesbian version of ST. ANTHONY AND THE APPENDIX. Nominated for "outstanding playwriting" by Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, NYC, directed by Sarah Chichester.
Excerpts on indietheaternow.com and www.treepress.org.

ST. ANTHONY AND THE APPENDIX (~45 min.) 3M; 2F  Surreal comedy with  heart. Wally goes to St. Anthony"s hospital to get his appendix removed and finds that the Powers That Be have more in mind. What's a good Presbyterian boy to do when his alter-ego is a statue of a Catholic saint? (multiple award-winning/much produced). 

The comedies all have an underlying drama. The dramas all contain laughs.
(Newest plays may not be included yet. Ask the playwright.)

Plays that create new worlds -
Soar with imagination;
Burrow for forgotten feelings, bounce with laughter, surprise with twisty juxtapositions;
Magic carpets whizzing back and forth in time
Touching down on the real, unreal, and super-real.

THE BREAST MONOLOGUES.  Drama and comedy. 2-15F. A brand new play.  In a series of monologues, women of different ages and ethnicities tell stories about their breasts. The stories are defiant, joyous, sad, sweet -- and universal.  

ALICE IN BLACK AND WHITE. Drama. 3F; 2M. The story of Alice Austen, a Victorian photographer who produced an astounding number of pictures of life in the late 1800s and early 1900s despite social customs which dictated that "proper" women should be concerned only with creating happy homes for their husbands and children. The loves of Alice's life were photography and another woman. Winner: StageWrite Women's Theatre Iniative Award. Premiere: Louisville, KY, 2013.  "ALICE IN BLACK AND WHITE was my favorite play in the Great Plains Theatre Conference in 2012." - Colby H. Kullman, English professor, University of Mississippi.  Premiered in Louisville, KY, with Looking for Lilith Theatre Co., directed by Kathi E.B. Ellis. Scheduled for NYC production in 2016.

SEARCHING FOR A NEW SUN. Drama. 5F. Is the past better forgotten or held close? What are the ties that bind us to each other and to a common history? Specifically, is the impact of the Holocaust still affecting second- and third-generation Jewish descendants of survivors? Workshops in New York and Berlin. Can incorporate movement and/or choreography if desired. Premiere available.

PLAY NICE! Comedy-drama. 3 F, 1 M (teens to early 20s, though may  be cast older). A look at the power of imagination as used by the Diamond siblings to cope with the Dragon Queen - their mother. Premiere at Venus in 2010, director Lee Mikeska Gardner. Second production Off-Broadway, NYC 2011, with Ego Actus, directed by Joan Kane. Workshop at Cleveland Public.  "Challenging and rewarding theater" - Michele Travis, NYC director. 

MORSELS THREE. (~90 min.) 4M. All-male version of PLAY NICE! (see above). Jean Genet wanted THE MAIDS performed with an all-male cast -- which got this playwright thinking. Here, however, the roles are not for women. The story of PLAY NICE! is turned inside out to examine what would happen if the siblings were boys and their new "friend" is also a boy. Premiere available.

Ten to 20 minutes long.

MUSIC OF THE SPHERES. Comedy-drama. 4F, 4M. Motherhood vs music. A violinist struggles to put aside her career to raise her son with the odds stacked against her, realistically (community) and surrealistically. Infused with music and imagination. Sections of dialogue may be sung if desired. Early version, HARMONY, won the Maxim Mazumdar International Competition. Production Alleyway Theatre, Buffalo. Equity premiere available.

EVERYDAY EDNA MAE.  Comedy-drama. (~90 min.) 4F; 1M/F. Edna Mae yearns to be an artist, but life keeps getting in the way. As a young girl her focus is disturbed by the specter of herself as thin and beautiful. In middle-age, her creativity is buried by a crass husband and conventional neighbors. Finally, on a trip to San Diego, Edna Mae makes a crucial decision to give up everything and pursue her dream.  Workshop production in FRIGID Festival, NYC, 2015, with Bricken + Birch Productions, directed by Bricken Sparacino.

LOLA AND THE PLANET OF GLORIOUS DIVERSITY. Comedy-drama. 5F; 4M (without doubling, cast can be up to 12; young woman can play the boy). Music, movement and imagination-infused allegory. What if the world was devastated by war and only six young people survived? What would each contribute to rebuilding?  They succeed only after splitting into separate planets. Lola, three-personed God, and a baby are instrumental in creating a new world.  Opportunity for a creative director with musical sensibility.  Viewpoints method would be perfect! Workshop production in NYC in 2015, director/choreographer Marcus Yi. Premiere available.

HUMANS REMAIN.  5F, 2M (plus 1F dancer). Full-length drama. Mostly African-American cast. A well- meaning "foreigner" attempts to rescue the White Cliff Kinfolk - a mixed-race family isolated from civilization in the hills of New Jersey for over 200 years. Love. Death. History. Magic. Nature. Belief. The Spirit of Africa. Winner: New Millenium Competition. Chosen for Lark residency (NYC), Karamu House (Cleveland) Reverie and Moondance International Film Festival finalist; Reva Shiner semi-finalist. "A big play with a big heart" - Steven McKinley Henderson. 

FEATHERS FLY. Brand new. (~90 min.) 2M; 4F. So what's the true story behind the headline-making uproar about Lola and Pale Male, the two redtail-hawks who were dispossessed from the swanky Fifth Avenue apartment building in New York City last year? This play answers all questions, pitting Mary Tyler Moore against Paula Zahn in a knock-down, drag-out battle for the rights of the common man and birds. The main characters are Hispanic. The play is a parallel look at haves and have nots in today's America.  Premiere available.

NECESSARY GEOGRAPHY -- The Early Years of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. (approx. 2 hours) 4F; 2M  (w/o doublecasting, roles for many more). Drama. Based on the first 24 years in the life of Marjory Stoneman Douglas who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1993 for saving the Florida Everglades from extinction.   World premiere available.

EMBRACING THE UNDERTOAD(115 min.) 3F. Drama. A waitress, her lesbian lover, and
her tuned-into-the-aura-of-the-universe sister who is not quite of this world struggle for
love, life after death and sanity one stormy evening in North Carolina. Secrets are revealed.
Humor, anger, beauty, hope. One-act version premiered at Bailiwick Rep. (Chicago) as winner
of  Lesbian Theatre Initiative. Finalist for  the Jane Chambers Award.  Workshop productions:
NYC, Seattle.

FRONTIER. (~ 90 min.) 2M; 1F; 1 M/F. What if Mother Nature is finally fed up with the way humans
are treating the planet? What if an environmental activist gives up and refocuses her energy into
building a marriage? What if a messianic wolf is out to save the human race by stealing their
babies and starting a new family of man that will respect the earth? Received two nominations
and one win for a reading in the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity in NYC (2011). Highly theatrical. 
World premiere available. See MIDNIGHT SUN below. 
Read an excerpt at: www.indietheaternow.com/Playwright/Playwright/RobinLichtig

MIDNIGHT SUN. (~90 min.) 1M; 2F; 1M/F.  Same play as FRONTIER, except the wolf is female.

Formal Sears portrait of Turbo, the protagonist in GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM and LISTEN! THE RIVER.